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What we are about

The Gamble Farm is a family run farm located in Muskoka. 7 years ago we started out with a small backyard flock of 5 hens. As our love of farming grew so did our flock. We now have a large flock of free-range heritage breed laying hens and have bolstered the flock with duck and quail. As our business grew we began working with other small farms to produce eggs. Small-scale farming allows us to focus on the health and well-being of our animals and maintain high-quality products.


As well as our poultry, we produce organic vegetables in our market garden. With intensive planting and the use of permaculture methods, we aim to produce a highly nutritious and quality organic crop. On the Gamble Farm we practice certain permaculture methods, some of which are:

- The use of composted manure from our animals to feed the soil

- Our birds aid in pest control during the growing season

- The use of beneficial habitats for birds, bats, bees and other insects that benefit our crops, livestock and the surrounding environment.

- All leftover produce and waste from the gardens help feed our livestock.

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